When you visit Colton Community Church, our hope is that you will encounter Jesus in the worship service and through His people.  We are a community of Christ followers seeking to fulfill our purpose in Christ as we walk in a manner worthy of Christ for the benefit of others.  Everything else we do reflects who we are and why we do it.  The following is a simple list of things we thought would be important for you to know before your first visit.  Thanks for considering joining us this Sunday at 10:30.



What you can expect 

We are a small church with a big heart.  Each week between 60 – 80 people gather to celebrate and worship Jesus and learn a practical and Biblical lesson about how to live a life that honors our Lord and Savior.  The church is made up of a diverse gathering of individuals who have come to unite their lives around the of Christ.  We reflect the community; thus, we have multiple nationalities throughout the congregation, people from a wide range of educational status and various ages all sitting next to one another.  Sometimes our worship band has people representing four different continents, which is really awesome.


What you will hear 

You will hear a mixture of worship songs.  We tend toward the contemporary side of the music scale, but we often break out a thought provoking classic hymn.  Each sermon is designed to be relevant and applicable for the everyday person in everyday life.  His goal is that you remember what God said to you on Monday morning so that you can tell others about the message you heard over the weekend.


What you will see 

We are in the process of updating our sanctuary, so you will see a church in physical transition.  Colton Community Church is in a lower income community, so you will not see a fancy cathedral with lush gardens surrounding it.  Instead, it is our hope that you will overlook the parking lot that needs resurfacing and instead see people who love Jesus who have encountered the living Christ and want you to join them on their journey toward holiness.


What we provide

  •  A great children’s ministry – we have trained, screened, and encouraged all of our child care workers to not only take care of our children, but to help them learn a Bible lesson that is appropriate for whatever age group they are in. 
  • A fun youth ministry – Students who are in either Middle School or High School are encouraged to join the youth ministry for a special message geared specifically for them after the worship music is over. 


What you should wear 

We want you to feel comfortable when you come to church.  Some people come in shorts, others in suits. Some in dresses with fancy hats and still others wear jeans and a t-shirt.  We have people with tattoos and colored hair, we also have people who are short (vertically challenged) while others are tall (vertically enhanced).  We simply want you to come as you are.  There is no need to dress fancy.


What you need to bring 

If you have a Bible, great bring it.  If you have a smart phone, simply log onto Bible app (example: Biblegateway.com) and follow along as the pastor preaches.










1301 N. Rancho Ave. Colton, California 92324

Service Times

9:00-10:00 AM Sunday School

10:30 AM Sunday Morning Service